Together for a better life


By contributing to the national strategies, we aim to increase the provision of health and social services in Yemen through the design and implementation of quality programs. Our objectives are:

- Improving the general health and social welfare of Yemenis, sexual and reproductive health and well-being in particular through information, services and education.

- Empowering Yemeni women and make to make choices regarding reproductive health and improve their ability to understand, access and benefit from reproductive health services.

- Reducing poverty through improved knowledge and access to reproductive health, population and development issues.

- Increasing the level of awareness about health, reproductive health, population and development issues.

- Changing the attitudes and behaviors of Yemenis toward specific health and social behaviors such as family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.

- Improving reproductive health choices for Yemeni women and men by providing appropriate counseling, information products and services.

- Improving the quality of health services by training health providers on reproductive health issues.

- Improving access to family planning methods for Yemenis by increasing private sector distribution of subsidized contraceptives.